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Wheatland Union High School Class of 1966 - Guestbook

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Jan Atkinson Michel - 04-13-2006
See Steve's quiz on 'We got together'.  I can name one of the ladies - Debbie Sullivan, class of '70 is on the far right.  

James (Jay) Lucas - 04-13-2006
Being from the Class of 64 we just had a reunion a couple of years ago put together by Pete Bromas and it was a real blast and it was great seeing a lot of my 'old' friends again,  (hmmmmmmmmm maybe I shouldnt say old  huh?). I am living north of Sacramento in Roseville, and only a few miles south of Wheatland and hope to make the reunion to see some of my friends from the class of 66. You should all try to make it no matter what the cost as it is a chance of a lifetime to see and visit with your classmates and friends.  If any of you are in the area or just want to chat, I included my email and would love to hear from you all.  Hope to see everyone at the reunion and lots of folks from 63, 64, and 65 too.

Nancy Brown Reed - 04-09-2006
I am from the class of '67', I would like to make the reunion but I live in Tn now and don't have the time.   I am very happy that you are getting this done, people need to keep in touch.  If anyone would like to get in touch with me please email.
Chris (Bogdanoff) Bare - 04-03-2006
We now are on the Wheatland High School Alumni website.
Click on HOME at the top of their page to take a tour of the school.

Please let me know if I have messed up your information on *this* site.  I am trying to keep it current and accurate, but I am still learning how to navigate this program.

Paul Blaise - 04-03-2006
Great to see this site...hope it happens.  I have mailing lists from the last reunion.  Let me know if they are needed/wanted.
Sandra Wilson Feiler-Matzen - 04-02-2006
Looking forward to seeing all my great friends from WUHS>  Hopefully a lot of the Great Class of '63 will show up.  Sandy
SCOTT R. LASHLEE - 04-01-2006
jim sullivan - 03-30-2006
great idea lets make it a three day function
Tim Hayes - 03-30-2006
Unfortunately, July 28 and 29 don't work for me.  My daughters (ages 6 and 4) will have their swim championships on the 29th & 30th.  Wish I could make it.  My wife Wendy, the girls and I live in Martinez.  I work in San Francisco.  [Yes, that's right.  My daughters are only 6 and 4.  I married late (1998).]
Jerri (Lashlee) Roberts - 03-26-2006
Hi everyone!  Mary (Bolton) Hennessy found me a couple of years ago through classmates.com, have kept in touch and visited her in Vegas twice. Also linked up with Jackie(Pryor) Kearney about the same time! Plan to see her and Bob this next week in Austin. I'm living in Abilene, Texas and would love to hear from any former Pirates!!!  Deffinitely plan to attend the reunion - already have airline reservations!!
Many thanks to Steve for getting this started!!  I can hardly wait!!!!!  See you all soon!!
Jan Atkinson Michel - 03-24-2006
Our class of '70 has done the Riverboat 3 times -   twice on the stationary Delta King and once on the riverboat cruise. (The Mathew McKinley) I thought the cruise was the best.  Also, like the idea of something local.  We heard that last time from our local Wheatland crowd that they'd prefer something around town.  I've forwarded this website to our class, so you might hear from some more of us.  Hi Mike!  
Class of '65: I met one of yours - Linda Small, now Merrill.  She's my neighbor at Saddle Creek Golf Course (Copperopolis, CA).  I'm trying to talk her into coming with me to the reunion.  Looking forward to it!
Birdie Hancock Klopf - 03-24-2006
Bobby and I will be attending the reunion. Thanks Steve! We don't have too far to go, we live in Yuba City. Pam Goforth...there's a few of us 69ers out there. Loretta Thompson, Kathy Ledger. Can't wait to see everyone.
David K. Dunlop - 03-23-2006
I think your ideas are great!  I would be interested in a local function for dinner (Marysville, Yuba City, Wheatland area).
Dave Dunlop
Mike Ingham - 03-21-2006
I graduated in 70 and haven't been to any reunions. It would be fun to visit with some of you from the past and see where you have been and what you have been doing.
Kathie (Pryor) Kelleher - 03-19-2006
Wow!  Can't believe 40 years have passed!  Thank you, Steve, for taking the initiative to get this website and reunion started.  We definitely plan to attend the reunion in July.  Let me know if there is any way I can help.  Paul and I live in Dallas and if anyone is out this way, we would love to have you visit.

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