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Wheatland Union High School Class of 1966 - Guestbook

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cb - 10-15-2007
Thanks alumni.  The big 100th birthday party was a success!
These people signed the 1960's guestbook...........

*Class of 1960 -- Rosemary Green Talle  

*Class of 1961 -- Wayne Weeks, Willie Jean Lucas McMillan, Verna Lou Baker Mueller, Kay Pankey, Barbara Hofman

*Class of 1962 -- Mike Bertolini, Barbara Atkinson Kidder, Cliff Hanks

*Class of 1963 -- Ron Jauch, Eugene Thiel, Wayne Sohrakoff

*Class of 1964 -- no signatures

*Class of 1965 -- Nancy Cargill Tougaw, Milt Jeffrey, Jan Bertolini

*Class of 1966 -- Cindy Shelton Hume, Rick Pooler, Nancy Vriezelaar P. Pooler, Chris Bogdanoff Bare, John Akins

*Class of 1967 -- Corky Sullivan Schroeder, Peggy Curtis Beasley, Linda Lucas Hern Beame, Don Scott, Rusty Wade, Bob Klopf

*Class of 1968 -- Bob Coe, Janice Nightingale, Cindy Lipka Shinault, Brian Shinault   68

*Class of 1969 -- Doug Swift, David Detwiler, Birdie Hancock Klopf, Calvin Blair, Bob Stineman

There were several people from the 60's who did not sign in.  Sign this guest book or send me a note if you want to let us know you attended (or if I messed up on your name.)


Pamela Goforth Doiron - 10-09-2007
Hi Everyone! Our last reunion was so much fun and such a great opportunity to see all of you again. I'm sorry that I won't be able to make the 100th year gathering, but I will be there in spirit. Congratulations on an excellent event, and thank you to those who made it possible.
Chris - 09-26-2007
Check these websites for news of the WHS celebration.               http://wuhs66.com/news

James (Jay) Lucas - 07-26-2007
Jay Lucas here. Class of 64.  Left Wheatland right at the start of our senior year and ended up graduating from HS in Madison Wisconsin. Went into the Navy then to the Air Force in computers and communications.  Retired in 1991 and now living in Sacramento Ca (actually Roseville).  Not too far away from the old alma mater...  I am working for the State and also teach college for the University of Phoenix and getting ready to retire again next year and become a triple dipper.It was nice seeing a lot of my old classmates and school mates at our class reunion, looking forward to the next one... I am now in contact wih a few of our classmates and if anyone remembers me and wants to contact me please do... I would love to hear from you...
Geraldine (Weise) Mahoney - 12-04-2006
Love the web site.  Wish I had been at the reunion, but had to be elsewhere that week.  Living in AZ and loving the weather after 10 years in Duluth, MN.  If any of you get to the Phoenix area, give me a shout.  It would be great to see you.
Has it really been that long since Mr. Newman's english class????
Al Schneider - 09-04-2006
Class of '64..Retired in Jan '06 from nineteen years of flying for Northwest Airlines and am enjoying my first full summer off with Betty, my wife of almost 36 years. We live on a small lake just south of Minneapolis, Mn. We have one son  who lives in Minneapolis.
After Wheatland I went to school in Ohio, did some time with the Army in Viet Nam, more school, Air Force Reserves, FAA, and finally Northwest Airlines. So far I am enjoying retirement and hope there will be more reunions in the future.

Chris Bogdanoff Bare - 08-16-2006
We had a great reunion thanks to the hard work of so many people.  I am adding photos to the REUNION page, but have not yet put names to very many of them.  It is a slow process.  I have numbered the photos that I added so far and would really appreciate it if you could all help me with the names.   We have so many people from other classes that often I don't have a clue who the people are -- even when I'm in the photo, too!

If you know the names of people in the pictures, or if we have them wrong, send me an e-mail, and I'll take care of it.  Keep adding more photos as you get them.  If you are having trouble doing that, let me know.

ALSO... many people are on the classmates listing page without e-mail addresses.  I did that so you could add the information you choose.  I won't put it on without your permission.  Please update the info if you want others to contact you.  If you put unlisted and we have your info, you can still be contacted by Steve.

It was so much fun to visit with everyone and catch up on old times and new.  I really didn't want the weekend to end.  

We are talking about a 2011 reunion for the class of 1966.  Hopefully, in the mean time, we'll get an invitation or two from another class to join their events.  

So, Class of 1966, be sure to keep in touch with this web page, Steve, or any other classmate so we can find you in 5 years.  And of course, keep trying to find those missing persons.

Thanks for a great time!
Mary Bolton Hennessy - 08-10-2006
Great job Steve, Birdie, Corkie, and all who assisted in getting the party going.  Isn't it nice to know after all these years, you can see a fellow pirate and give a hug or get a hug, and feel a special warmth because they are a part of our past.  To all I had the pleasure to see again, thank you for being who you are and reminding me of heart warming memories you helped create.  Time is precious.  Let's not wait too long for our next reunion.  Did anyone say Vegas???
Thanks Bob K., Jackie K., Birdie K., Bob K., Kathy L., Nancy K., Herbie W., Jerri L., Dave (Rusty) W., Mike O., Jerry F., for making it extra special.
JOHN AKINS - 08-05-2006
Thank you Steve, Chris, Lindy et. al. for putting together such a nice time. It was great to see everyone. Linda Rocha looked stunning as usual; Kathy Roye Hack and Gwen Dayton looked like time had stopped for them and they came right out of the pages of the year book.  OLd friends Rick Pooler, Cary Hopking, Larry Mislinski, and John Palmer along with Pete and Roy envoked our memories of the greatest high school football team in Wheatland history. It was the opinion of those I talked to that we (class of 66) may want to consider our next reunion at 5 years instead of 10. By that time most of us will be retired and hopefully still able to get around. Ha !

A special thought for Lindy: My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family on your recent loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you old friend.

BETH VRIEZELAAR - 07-31-2006
Chris (Bogdanoff) Bare - 07-30-2006
If you have photos from our 2006 events, click on the red box on the  REUNIONS page to post 2006 Reunion Photos.  For those of us with fuzzy memories (and eyesight) please add names, if possible.   We will probably do some re-arranging of the photo pages in the future, so keep checking back.

A big THANK YOU to the class of 1966 for the idea of an all 60's reunion, and another giant THANK YOU to the class of 1967 for all your work to help make it a success.

Steve, you did a fantastic job getting us all together for this reunion.  Lindy, thanks for letting us use your crew for the paperwork.

Everybody remember to keep in touch - update your addresses, and find more classmates.
Cher Ross Farnham - 07-29-2006
I think that Steve and all that volunteered did an awesome job on this, with the exception of finding me! I live in Yuba City and even in the phone book!
Unfortunately I did not hear about this in time to make reservations Friday or Saturday night but will try to make Sunday's!
Hi to all of you I know or knew of...Hope to keep in touch!
Jean Bryan Coughlin - 07-27-2006
I have really enjoyed looking at the site and reading everyone's entries.  Steve, Chris and the rest of the gang have done a great job with the website.

Sorry I won't be able to make it to the reunion this time.  Hope you all have lots of fun.  The temperature in Salem, OR is expected to be in the 70's this weekend-which is one reason I won't miss being in Sacramento!

Dorothy Morgan, now Jane Mikoni - 07-21-2006
Greetings Everyone, I will miss seeing so many of you at this reunion, as I'm teaching alllll summer! Please make sure the reunion  photographs include names. Forty years is quite a long time.  Enjoy! Dottie (Jane)  
Larry Mislinski - 07-05-2006
Hello from the Mislinski family

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