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Wheatland Union High School Class of 1966 - Guestbook

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Sharon White Compton - 09-21-2009
First visit to the site - great work!  Good to see that some of our 1966 graduating class are still around and keeping in touch.  I've retired - sort of - after moving around the world while my husband was in the military and the foreign service.  Great experience for a cultural anthropoligist.  Taught all levels from pre-K through college and am now writing fantasy novels, as yet unpublished.  Is there another reunion in the works?  It would be great to see people for real again.
chris bare - 07-14-2009
John Wayne Cottrell ~~~~~~ 61, of Wheatland, CA, passed away May 17, 2009. Graveside service will be held 10:00AM Friday, July 17, 2009 at the Wheatland Cemetery.

Benny Briggs - 07-14-2009
I have been trying to local a Good friend of mine that I was in the Navy with.  I found out he had died in Feb 1977.  He is buried in the Wheatland Cemetery.  His name was Neil Weeks.  I think he must of went to Wheatland Union high School. I seen a reference to his name in you message board.  He was married and had 2 girls when we got out of the navy in 1973.  Can anyone tell me how he died,  I would deeply appreciate it.  Thanks Benny
Sherry Ryan Mullen - 03-17-2009
Glad to see that some of you took the time to keep this up!  So sorry to see some have passed away...

I live in San Antonio, TX now and am the Director of a behavioral health hospital.  I eventually got a bachelors in psychology at the State U of New York and a masters in social work in San Antonio at OLLU.  I was widowed once in 1980; my Air Force pilot husband died in an aircraft accident.  We had 3 children:  Melissa (now 34), Mike (32) and Megan (30).  I remarried five years later for 12 years and that ended in divorce.  I now have four grandchildren:  Braeden, 9, Abigail 7, Shelby, 4 and Maya is 6 months old.  They all live in San Antonio and Houston so I am very lucky!

My stay at Wheatland ended with some very good friends who helped me through a horrible year.  It's a shame that my parents didn't have great insight; maybe that's why I became a therapist :)

Mr. Montoya is one of my best memories!  God Bless Dave Farmer and his family.
Wayne Funderburk - 01-05-2009
Hello - everyone.
Steven Gelder - 11-16-2008
I thought I would would take a shot at contacting some of my classmates of '67 classmates through this site.  I was the sophmore class president and 'sophmore sharpie' (yes ther was such a thing) but my father retired from the AF and I left at the end of my sophmore year for a new life in Hershey, Pa.  I discovered the WUHS web site for the first time tonight and the class 0f '66 webpage.  I was stunned to see pictues of several of my classmates, friends and high school cruches on the web page.  I am sure with a little thought Corky Sullivan, Heidi Hansen and Peggy Curtis or '67 would remember me.  I would sincerely appreciate any form of contact that anyone could provde me with so that I might be able to reach them.  They have have for many years been in my thoughts and yes, dreams.  I also viewed pic's of LInda Rocha a friend of Deb Zelinski who I also knew well althought both were a year ahead of me.  Yes, I do think often think of the PEP rallies football and basketball games and dances that followed that were the conerstone of WUHS.  I like most of my claasmates live on the base at Beale AF and in K-part often hanging around the pools in the summers.  Thanks to anyone for any contact information.  
Sinerely with memories,
Steve Gelder  
Bob Ebers - 11-02-2008
Hello everyone, I've been MIA since the last reunion and with a move from one location on Long Island to another my new email address must have gotten lost in the shuffle.

In 2002, I transformed my old company Impletec into Knowing Point. I'm continue to work in the space of organization effectiveness/change management/leadership through coaching, training and consulting. In 2004, I bought another house closer to the business hubs on Long Island, NY.

I'm a proud grandparent of Rhianna (6) and Ryan (3). A bit sad for me is that after 8 years having them close in Brooklyn they decided to move to England in July of this year. They are  greatly missed.

Last month I was in Lincoln, Nebraska visiting my 84 year old mother. My brothers and I are fortunate to still have her with us. Take care everyone and I look forward to staying connected.
Chris Bogdanoff Bare - 06-17-2008
I stopped and visited with Jean Bryan Coughlin in Salem, Oregon in May.  She has a beautiful home on the side of a tree covered hill with a fantastic view.  Deer even wander through the back yard.  She fixed me a bbq dinner and we talked for nearly 5 hours.  Our senior year was probably the best time ever and we re-lived it all!  It was wonderful fun.  
Sandie (Bopp) Harmony - 05-08-2008
I left Wheatland when I was 16, sophomore year.  Graduated from Las Vegas High School in '69.  Have never been back to Wheatland since but my brother has quite a few times.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me....
JOHN AKINS - 05-08-2008
Friends and classmates; for the past 9 months I have been undergoing treatment and surgery for Prostate Cancer.  Hopefully, things will turn out ok. The doctor's are confident, as am I, that through medications and radiation seed implants, things will be ok. I want to thank those of you who knew about this for your your thoughts and well wishes.  For all my male friends-PLEASE GET YOURSELF CHECKED. I have become somewhat of an expert during this period regarding the cancer and if any of you have questions-please don't hesitate to call.  CHRIS AND CINDY-THANK YOU.  
Mike McGinnis - 05-01-2008
Great work on the web site.  I left Wheatland after my junior year and graduated from Mcallen High School in Texas.  After collage I joined the Air Force and made it a career.  I retired in 97 and went to work as a contractor for the Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio.  Married for 35 years 3 kid 1 grandkid.
Penny Wade Small '69 - 04-06-2008
Whoops, I have been told tht I forgot to put my graduation year yesterday! Sure enough. I guess it didn't seem to matter. Thanks again for the great website.
Penny L Wade Small - 04-05-2008
I have really enjoyed browsing the pages of this website. Seeing familiar faces and names just made me feel great. Thank you for making this website available. It is sad to think about losing touch with so much of one's past. I had no idea that any of these things were taking place until 'Rusty' Dave, my brother, told me he was going to the 100 yr and that he had been to a 60's reunion in 2006. However, I did feel somewhat connected just in seeing the pictures.
Harry Robinson - 12-01-2007
The reunion at Peach Tree was amazing!  It was like stepping thru a time portal, instant flashes of my fondest memories, faces unchanged with the passing of time.  I just can't imagine any other group or class having or sharing such a genuine outward show of affection for each other that has remained undimmed by the journey of time and distance. I honestly love all you guys.  W.U.H.S. class of  '66 ...best ever... best ever!  No doubt the best football team ever to have taken the field in this area in over forty years. Can't wait for the next reunion.  
JANELLE BOOEN HENDRICKSON (Class of '72) - 11-17-2007
I love your website - it is wonderful.  Our class has a Yahoo group site (we call ourselves the Wheatland YaYas) which has been great fun - we get together all the time at different parts of the US.  Reconnecting is the best thing ever!  I flew in for the the 100th anniversary and had a great time.  Kudos to whoever manages your website!

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