Wheatland Union High School Class of 1966
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Wheatland Union High School Class of 1966 - Latest News

01-28-2010 - a note from a WUHS alumni
~~~This is from Tom Thompson of the class of 69~~~
Chris, † †Hi, and thanx for the reply ...... I think - maybe - it seems like Wheatland doesnít change to ya because you live there and it happens so slowly †...... †When I came down last Sept to visit with Tony and go to the cemetery I was amazed at how much its changed around Wheatland ...... †especially downtown †...... †it kinda looked like a ghost town down there on Front street. †Some of my favorite memories are Christmas time, when the town would put up the tree and Andersons and Hudsonís and the other stores would put out speakers under their awnings and play Christmas music †...... †and Halloween when Sulllivanís pool hall and ice cream parlor would give cones to trick or treaters. †I think that we were blessed to have grown up there at the time we did †............... †now you've got stop lights and a shopping mall ...... †I donít think people I know up here believe me when I tell them that my 1st classroom was a little red school house with a bell steeple, and that its still there †........ †although I've been told that neither it or the little green (brown now) school isnít used as classrooms any more - Is that true ??
† †But I do agree that Lincoln has just gotten huge †...... †and Yuba City seems to be growing also, but Marysville/Linda area doesnít seem to have changed much at all †......
† Say 'Hi' to Rick for me, †..... †give him my email, if he wants it.

Thanx again for the reply
† †Tom † †

[Tom graduated with my brother, Rick. †He had posted a note on Facebook asking about my cousin, Tony Starr.]

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