Wheatland Union High School Class of 1966
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Wheatland Union High School Class of 1966 - Message Board

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CLASS OF 66  -  50TH REUNION !!!!!!!!
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02-03-2016 02:22pm
CALLING ALL CLASS OF 1966   -  including FACULTY

Pls take a few minutes to fill out the SURVEY FORM (at our Poll Booth on this site) to let the Reunion Committee what you want, when you want it and where you want it to be held.

Some of you have already done so - THANK YOU

If we don't receive your input, we will make decisions based on the 'majority' of those received.

Chris and I have spoken to many of our classmates in the past year, always encouraging each of you to join both of our sites:  FACEBOOK and this site - http://wuhs66.com .  Yesterday I sent emails to all 37 of our senior class that have email accounts (hoping of course that they are still current).  I will be doing the same to each person on our master list.  Please don't be offended if you receive 2 or even 3 repetitions from me.  Like you, I just want to make sure that everyone knows and can/will make a concerned effort to take part.

For whatever reason you may not have attended a previous reunion, I hope that the long years past will erase bad memories and that family obligations such as kids, jobs, education, etc will no
longer be an obstacle.

If you are interested in joining the Committee, please let Chris Bare and I know soonest.  We welcome all the help we can get.  We want this to be what we have all been waiting for!!
We are all in our 60's; we survived the 60's; and we have experienced more significant changes in our lifetimes than (m)any other decade in recent history.  We should be happy just to still be here; many of our friends and classmates are not as fortunate. Our reunion will definitely be a CELEBRATION of LIFE.

ALL of your suggestions are welcome.

Thank you and hope to see you there.  Steve (stevebopp2007@yahoo.com)

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