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Wheatland Union High School Class of 1966 - Message Board

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01-08-2012 12:47am
Hi All and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sorry I have been outoftouch for awhile but I'm back and more enthusiastic than ever. Maybe it's because I am retiring at the end of the year?!  In any case, I want to make a plea to all of you, and any other Class of 66 members, to join us on FACEBOOK.   say that a little prematurely as we are working on it now and hope to have it working no later than Feb 1.  
I know some of you are reluctant to go 'public' but pls do FOR THE REST OF US.  I'm sure none of us are like we were in high school and we've hopefully matured with age.  I am one who believes that 'everything' equals out in the aging process and no doubt we are all just a little bigger, fatter, balder, grayer, softer and hopefully smarter.....  Please JOIN US.  WE are looking for you.  
I'm not exactly sure what to look for but I understand it will be a Class 66 group and all you have to do is join - even if you rename reclusive, let us know you are there!  There's lotsa good 'old Wheatland' info on there already and if you are anything like me, Wheatland has never left my heart!.  After 35+ years overseas, when asked, I still say WHEATLAND for 'home'.  
I again apologize for being 'absent' but I promise to better in 2012.  
Any and all (not just the great class of 66) may contact me at:  stevebopp2007@yahoo.com or (at least until Dec) at:  BoppSD2@state.gov
I wish you all a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS 2012!.  STEVE

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admin Class of 1966
06-15-2012 10:14pm
Check the NEWS page on this site for more.
Here is our Facebook page...where we can share info and updates.
Or you can send an email to join.

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