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Letter from Mr. Louizos - he would like to hear from you.
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chris bare
10-11-2011 11:00pm
From: Evangelos Louizos   (email address)--->   louizosev1@yahoo.com
To: 'stevebopp2007@yahoo.com'
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 7:34 AM
Subject: WUHS Reunion: a voice from the distant past...

Hello Steve,

This is a voice from the distant past, from our times in Wheatland High School, going back to 1971 and beyond, but I was not one of your classmates but one of your teachers.  I am E. Louizos.  I used to teach there History and Spanish from 1962 to 1979.

I left WUHS in 1979 and moved to London, England, where I taught until my retirement in 1997, and I'm still here today.  To refresh your memory, I attached two photos of mine.  One as I was in 1970 and the other one as I am today.  Time does this to all of us...  Eventually everyone's turn comes...

Since my retirement I have kept busy travelling the world over and writing.  My latest book will be published by the prestigious Montagu House in the US this fall.  Its title is 'Why are the Sirens Wailing, Mama?' and it is published under the umbrella of 'The Sword of Zeus' Project.  If you open this website it is all explained.

Now, let me explain the reason for this unexpected communication.  I was working - writing - in the early hours of the morning and, rather tired I took a break.  My thoughts wandered and took the fork at memory lane.  Along came WUHS.  I don't know why. I found WUHS on  the web and among other things your Reunion came up, with photographs of people I knew only so well.  It rekindled that part of my life and nostalgia set in.  I felt the need to communicate with you all and since your e-mail address was the only one that was there, I am writing to you.

These memories started coming back, at first as a trickle and then in torrents.  I remembered almost every single one of all of you, the faces, vignettes of your actions and even some of your utterances.  In your case it was when you were in my Spanish class and I had asked you to read in Spanish a paragraph from the Spanish book.  In it, there was a part where one said, 'Ja, ja, ja', which meant to be the sound of someone's laughter in Spanish and was supposed to be pronounced 'Ha, ha, ha', but instead you read, 'Dza, dza, dza'. It might have embarrassed you then but  we all had a good laugh that morning and you made our day... (How is your Spanish today?)

And there were all the others, many others, too many to mention.  Linda Rocha, the cheerleader and her 'twin' Debbie, the always smiling Gwen Dayton, the demure Peggy Curtis who went around every morning collecting the 'absence slips' from my  door, Rick Pooler with the cheeky smile, who always liked to have the last word, the always polite and solicitous Mike Rue, the mild-mannered Miles Hatanaka, the sharp-as-a tack Susan Nutty (whom I had as a student at the Lone Tree School in 1960 and she was my 'bright star' in class), the petite Linda Eisenhart, always polite and eager to please.  Not to mention Gloria Broumas - I still have the recipe for the best enchiladas her mother had given me, Jim Mobley, Sharon Parisio  Leah Webb, Elisa Zitano with the beautiful red hair, Susan Farmer, Diane Walczak, Wilson Myers (even though he was not in my class) All of my students from that past, from 1962 to 1978, are still with me today, in the twilight of my years... And I thank you all for it...

If you wish, you may forward this email to all the students of WUHS of those years.  Let me know about your next reunion.  I do not promise to attend since we are separated by 6,000 miles, but I do promise, to the best of my ability, to try to answer to all of them with great pleasure.

I hope to hear from you soon.

E. Louizos  (email address)--->   louizosev1@yahoo.com

------------ note: photos are in the 'Look at us now' section of the photo gallery

Re: letter from Mr. Louizos
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Rick Pooler
07-02-2013 05:18pm
About a month ago, I was talking with Nancy about school teachers and I told her I was a lousy smartypants student in the early days. However, during the 7th grade at Lone Tree, I was fortunate enough to have the absolute best teacher I have  ever had.  His classes were interesting and I actually enjoyed coming to school and acting like a real student . I kept thinking how smart I would eventually be if I continued to have teachers like him, but in reality, no one could match Mr. Louizos

Re: letter from Mr. Louizos
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Lucille (Heller) Balmino
07-07-2013 02:04pm
I agree Rick, I to had Mr. Louizos for a 7th grade teacher , he was the best! I loved his bulletin board displays ! They were always great! I know I wasn't his best student, but he was the best teacher!

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