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Wheatland Union High School Class of 1966 - Message Board

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12-31-2010 06:49am
'BIG WHEELS ROLLIN'  Reunion time is here again......
All Class of 66 who are interested in a 2011 (50th) reunion, pls contact me at:  stevebopp2007@yahoo.com and provide your thoughts, convenient times and of course the best contact information you can/will.  
I sincerely hope that WE ALL will be able to get together again!
Just a hint of possible functions/sites:
A multiple meeting, 2 or 3 days at different sites, ie Sac river/dinner cruise, sock hop at WUHS gym, dinner/dance at a local (Wheatland, YC, MVille) location, good ol' Red Hill private party.    
I am still in Sudan but if we can pull this off, I promise to get back and make it happen.  But, until then, I need you (all) to tell me what and when you want it.  
FYI, it has been suggested that we have a more intimate gathering, at least one, of '66 Classmates only (maybe with invited guests).  I agree but think too that anyone who would like to join us for a particular event would/should be welcome.  Maybe a dinner and/or dance, picnic for the CLASS only and a separate event for ALL COMERS.  I know it is important to many people to see each other and it is only right(?) that we don't exclude our fellow classmates who may be in the areas at that time.  Of course that does not preclude any number of private gatherings.  I know some people may consider a party at their residence or smaller dinners, etc.  
I just want to get the ball rolling and find out what you want (ALL OF YOU) and then I/we can start organizing.  
PLEASE pass this along to any Class of 66 members who may not be on our sight.
Since I am celebrating New Years in Sudan I will be in no shape to write this at a more appropriate time, so I'll say to ALL:  Have a SAFE and VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I hope to see you in 2011.  Regards, Steve Bopp

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Rick and Nancy Pooler
01-05-2011 02:05pm
You can count the two of us in, whenever, where ever, we'll be there.   All the activity ideas sound great, altho we may want to consider a bus tour of Jasper Lane, jumping off the falls, or have some sort of mid-night climbing over the Beale/Wheatland gate competition. Nancy has facebook and likes to dink around on it, so I guess you can get to her that way. I don't even know how it works. Hope to hear from WUHS folks.  R&N

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Chris Bogdanoff Bare
01-05-2011 11:51pm
YES... we want a get-together.... The 30th reunion at the Radisson included lots of visiting time for our small group and since it was at the hotel, nobody had to drive home unless they wanted to.  Our 40th reunion included more visiting with everybody who wanted to join us at Red Hill the next day.

What's your preference? Do we have anyone who would like to help plan???

FYI - There are two groups on Facebook that might interest you. One is called *Wheatland School Friends* and has begun to be quite active with alumni from the 60's. The other is called *Wheatland Union High School Alumni* which is for all alumni. I think you can ask to join the group and be admitted. If not, let me know, I'll figure it out.

The group called 'Wheatland School Friends' has been pretty active lately and even has a chat feature. It was started by Debbie McMillan from the class of 1963.  You can just be a member and NEVER even have to say anything if you'd like. I like it because it's mostly 60's people -- mostly us oldies!

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01-10-2011 09:37pm
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.  Looking forward to seeing old (and i do mean old) friends. I like the idea of a multi-day event.  I am all in favor of only our class and a few selected individuals for at least one of the days.  I remember we had such a good time at year 30 at the hotel and pool.  Had a nice Christmas card from Linda R-(picture of her at the Great Wall of China-) she is still flying. Old friends would love to hear from all of you-alas I am still working.

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